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We have only had our entertainment center for 8 months and the front glass shattered and blew out of the unit.The manufacturer says we probably bumped it or something and that they can't even let us buy replacement glass to fix the unit.

So what does Evinco do they offer us a $50 coupon for a $600 unit. So now we have to either buy the whole unit again or live with glass blown out over the front lights.

I think it's crazy that there is nothing the company can help us to after spending our money there.Guess that shows how much they care about their customers!

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Salt Lake City, Utah, United States #780153

I just wanted to say that this comment is 3 years old and Evinco Design sells and ships to more than 300 happy customers each year.I am an employee of Evinco and I know first hand that customer service is the utmost importance.

Yes, sometimes furniture gets damaged in shipment and Evinco handles these situations with great customer care.

to Karey Owasso, Oklahoma, United States #780188

Umm actually they didn't handle the situation.We still have our entertainment center and it's still broken.

It wasn't like a little crack. It was like it was blown up. The glass was in thousands of little peices all over our gameroom floor. There's no way a little bump could have done that.

We aren't even in our gameroom that much and we don't have little kids that could have done something to it. I'm not one to complain about things especially when it is something that could have happened by our doing. But, there's just no way it was us . I called and was nice about the whole thing and was willing even just to buy a new peice of glass.

The company offered no help at all and whoever I talked to must not have been you because they were extremly rude to me.

But, thank you so much for your input on something that you weren't even involved in from 3 years ago.

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